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The Sunshine Camping Club Greece welcomes you to its chain of campsites. These are chosen

from all over Greece. The system operates like this: as you follow the chain, having this
brochure with you, you will acquire a stamp from each of the different campsites you visit in
the chain. These stamps go into the little squares on the brochure. You hand in the brochure
to the Reception immediately on your arrival at the campsite you have chosen. Do not hand it in when you are leaving,

because it will not be accepted then, and will cause confusion. If you visit the same campsite for second time, you are entitled to the discount only,

not to a second stamp.

The benefits you will get from the chain are these:


1. Low Season: Discount 20%. High Season (July-August): Dscount  10%.

For customers of Superfast Ferries 15% discount.

2. When you arrive at the 5th campsite in the chain, you are entitled to a free bottle of ‘‘Retsina’’ wine.

3. When you come to the 9th campsite, you are entitled to 9.00 EURO per adult to spend in the restaurant or bar at the last campsite.

4. Finally, when you have collected 9 stamps, you can take part in the lottery at the end of the year, in which 10
couples will win a free seven-overnight stay in one of the “Sunshine  Camping Club Greece” campsites.

Attention: You are not entitled to the discounts for bungalows and apartments.


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